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About Us: We are a family owned nursery, located in Whitmore, CA (near Redding, California). Our nursery specializes in California natives, drought tolerants, deer tolerant,butterfly pants, wildlife habbitat, hummingbird plants, herbs, and rarel plants. Jim and Cleo of Bailey-Lane Nursery both have solid horticultural backgrounds and years of experiences in the horticultural trade. Above all we are passionate about plants. We want to share our passion and will provide you with healthy, sturdy plants and sound advise, to insure your success and pleasure in gardening.

Why buy our plants? We promise strong, healthy plants that will withstand Redding's summer triple digits and winter frosts. (Zone 7-9)

  1. We propagate our plants in our nursery. This means our plants are selected and tested to thrive in the Redding area (Zone 7-9). Another advantage: our plants don't have to acclimate after planting like plants grown in the Bay Area, they will start growing immediately.
  2. Most of our plants are in gallon pots. The sturdy root system gives them a head start when planted.
  3. We only bring plants that will be successful when planted after sale. Less chance that your plant will die in no time.
  4. We are knowledgeable. We give you advise for successful planting. We know what each plant needs and will answer all your questions. That's why we give background info with each plant.
  5. Our plants are affordable. We don't need to pay for an extensive nursery staff and by selling at farmers markets we can keep the prices low.

Plant searches: Bailey Lane Nursery offers many different plants for sale. It will be difficult to make your selection. All plants can be grown successfully in the Redding area (zone 7-9), but every plant has its special qualities.To help you choose a plant we offer 4 different search options.

  1. By name. If you know the botanical or common name of plant your are looking for, you could use the plant search box on the right-top corner of plant lists page
  2. By preference. Let's assume you are looking for a native plant, with red flowers which loves the sun, you can set your personal search preferences on the plant list page, click on display and we show you the plants that best match your preferences.
  3. By appearance.You are invited to browse photos of our plants on the plant list page, click on the thumbnail to see more photos and background info.
  4. Quick plant list without photos. On the Plant info page you will find our plant list, which can be sorted by botanical or common name and contains links to the photos and background information.

Markets. We sell our plants in spring and fall at Redding farmers markets and other markets in the area. Mid summer we don't come to the markets, because planting in this period will most likely kill the plant. On the market page, you will find our schedule. If you whish a specific plant, you may email us anytime.

Jim Bailey and Cleo Lane

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