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Sambucus mexicana (Elderberry)

Sambucus mexicana (Elderberry)

Sambucus mexicana is the California native elderberry you will find along stream bank and bordering meadows throughout California. Tall umbrella shaped shrubs flower white in spring, and are loaded with bountiful clusters of blue black fruits in summer. Plant elderberries in groups to create a quick growing screen, along fences, or as a tall element at the back of a planting. Elderberry grows well in sun to part shade, needs only light to moderate water, and can be pruned back for a more domesticated appearance. Elderberry will attract any number of birds drawn to feast on berries, harvest berries for you but be sure to leave some behind for feathered friends.
The name elderberry is perfect for the venerable history of this plant. Arrow shafts and clapper sticks were made from the new strait growth of Elderberry. Flowers and fruit of this plant have been used for numerous ailments. Syrups, wines, and jellies made from elderberries were a traditional winter tonic. Elderberry is a wonderful, traditional medicinal to grace your herb garden with.


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