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Mentha suaveolens varigata (Pineapple Mint)

Mentha suaveolens varigata (Pineapple Mint)

Prettiest of the mints, Pineapple Mint has tropical appeal, with variegated leafs of yellowy-white and lime green. The smell and flavor of this mint is sweet and citrusy, making it a most excellent culinary mint. A summer time star, add Pineapple mints into all kinds of salads, try it in fruit salsas, marinates for fish poultry, and pork, make pineapple mint margaritas, and garnish anything and everything with this mint. Pineapple mint is not as aggressive as its all green counterparts; it is still not a bad idea to grow it in containers to prevent spreading. Be on the lookout for any non-variegated shoots (all green), remove any growth that comes up all green, any such growth will be more vigorous than variegated growth, and must be removed to keep plant from reverting to non- variegated parentage.


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