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Ginkgo biloba (Maidenhair Tree)

Ginkgo biloba (Maidenhair Tree)

Graceful grey green fan shapes leaves adorn this tree of ancient origins. Ginkgo trees once covered the earth, during the time of dinosaurs 200 million years ago, but now live natively in only two remote areas of China. Main stream herbalism has made Ginkgo biloba a household name, properties within the leaves of this tree are said to improve circulation to the brain, thus improving memory. Antiquity and medicinal properties aside this is one spectacular tree.
Ginkgo is a most beautiful tree, well-shaped, with fabulous golden fall color. Ginkgo can grow to 70-80 ft., but most stop at 30-50 ft., trees are often slim and awkward when young, but mature beautifully. Best of all this is a tree that is not bothered by pest, poor soil, oak root fungus, air pollution, or heat. The city of Anderson has planted an entire row of Ginkgo trees along a revamped section of street right off of Highway 273. Try planting a Ginkgo instead of a Liquid Amber; you will not be sorry if you do.


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