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Euphorbia rigida (Euphorbia)

Euphorbia rigida (Euphorbia)

Euphorbia rigida (Euphorbia) is an eye-catching plant in winter. It's interesting spiky looking blue-greenish leaves crawl over the soil and stick their heads in the air.
When spring comes nearer and it gets just a bit warmer this is one of the first plants to start to bloom. The flowers are these intense, and intresting chartreuse flowers, which last for months. They combine nicely with daffodils and let you forget the spring rains.
The leaves might look spiky, but they are amazing soft to touch. Best to prune back when the flowers fade and this plant will rejuvenate to give another show next year. Be careful not to get the milky sap on your skin, it can be irritating. On the other hand, this sap makes the plant very unattractive for deer.
Euphorbia rigida is excellent as a ground cover. It will tolerate winter hardy and is quite drought tolerant, but will be pleased to get some summer water.


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