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Cornus stolonifera (Redtwig Dogwood)

Cornus stolonifera (Redtwig Dogwood)

A California Native Dogwood from stream banks and moist areas, this Dogwood is grown for the stunning fall foliage and winter interest for when the leaves drop from this plant twigs of brazen red are revealed. Redtwig Dogwoods grow to 6 ft. high and can spread to 12 ft. or more as the plant sends out underground runners and creeping stems that root. Pleasing throughout the summer with green foliage and a spring bloom of creamy white flower clusters (flower does not reassemble Pacific Dogwood). Plants to the back as border fillers, plant intermixed throughout yard, or as a fast growing screen, then wait and enjoy the fantastic red twigs that stand to defy the barrenness of winter. Redtwig Dogwoods do best in the shade with regular water, they benefit from a harsh pruning in late winter, use a shovel to cut of runners along outer edge of plants to control spreading.


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