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Cornus nuttallii (Pacific Dogwood)

Cornus nuttallii (Pacific Dogwood)

Dogwood is one of the real gems of our Northern California Native plant life. Naturally well formed into a single or multiple trunked tree, with attractive oval shaped green leaves, that blaze beautiful pink in the fall. Most iconic are the four petaled white flowers that grace this tree in spring sometimes flowering again in summer. Red round clusters of berries adorn tree in fall and are enjoyed by wildlife. Cornus nutatalli is a wild beauty and if you wish to grow her in your yard she will need special care.
As with most natives Pacific Dogwood is not fond of regular watering fertilizing, or pruning. Select an area with good drainage, an area that does not get excessive summer watering, like a lawn. It may seem strange, but Pacific Dogwoods need sun, it is ok to plant them admits other high canopied trees, but do not plant them in full shade. If you live in an area with intense exposure plant where there will be morning sun and afternoon shade.


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