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Cercis occidentalis (Western Redbud)

Cercis occidentalis (Western Redbud)

Few shrubs native or cultivated can rival the California native Redbud for beauty. In spring multi trunked branches become engulfed with small magenta pea flower buds (flower buds are edible when young). Followed by blue-green round heart shaped leave and purple seed pods. Leaves turn yellow or red in fall dropping to reveal the adornment of glossy purple brown seed pods that hold onto branches into winter.
This shrub is attractive all year round, requires no maintenance, and will live with little irrigation once established. A small tree or shrub grows 10-12 ft. tall, and as wide most often with multiple trunks. Drought tolerant and oak root fungus resistant Redbud will add grace to even the most barren areas in your yard. Redbuds are a tap rooted native and do best when planted out in fall from younger plants.


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