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Calocedrus decurrens (Incense Cedar)

Calocedrus decurrens (Incense Cedar)

Thinking of planting a Redwood in Redding why not chooses an Incense Cedar instead? Incense Cedar is a beautiful California native well adapted to our intense summer heat and not in need of as much water as a Redwood. Slow to grow until established, but can grow a couple feet a year once settled, plant in the fall for best results. Water trees deeply and space out watering so roots will follow water down, once established Incense Cedars do not need summer irrigation, most tree growth happens during the spring and fall when trees are not dormant.
A mature Cedar will reach 75-90 ft. tall with a very symmetrical spread to 10-15 feet at the base. Beautiful dark green foliage contrast well with the cinnamon brown bark, tree is very fragrant in during hot summer days. Greenery can be collected from trees and place in drawers and closets to ward of moths or placed in pots of water on stoves to release lemon pine scents to freshen air. Wreaths and garlands of Cedar are both beautiful and fragrant at the holidays


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